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Monday 19 February

Room Pyrmont Theatre
0730-0830 Registration opens
0830-0940 Conference Welcome and Opening
0940-1010 Plenary Speaker 1 Peter Botten Managing Director, Oil Search, (Pyrmont Theatre)
1010-1040 Morning tea (Exhibition | The Gallery) sponsored by:
1040-1220 Session 1
  Energy Stream 1 Energy Stream 2 Energy Stream 3 Mineral Geoscience 1 Mineral Geoscience 2 Mineral Geoscience 3 Mineral Geoscience 4 Near Surface and Groundwater
  A B C D E F G H
  Coal West Australian Basins Symposium East Australian Basins Symposium Geology Case History IP From EM Data Inversion Modelling Methods Regional Tectonic Geotechnical and Environmental
Room E3.10 C2.2 / C2.3 C2.1 Pyrmont Theatre C2.5 / C2.6 E3.2 C2.4 E3.1
Capacity 1000 120 285 105 200 115 115 95
  Chair: Max Williamson Chair: Phillip Cooney Chair: Malcolm Bocking Chair: Phillip Hellman Chair: Steve Collins Chair: David Pratt Chair: Graham Heinson Chair: Simon Williams
1040-1105 Keynote Presentation
Coal in NSWKevin RumingView Abstract
Keynote Presentation
High Impact Data Creates High Impact Opportunities Peter BaillieView Abstract
Tectonics and geodynamics of the eastern Tethys and northern Gondwana since the Jurassic Sabin ZahirovicView Abstract Keynote Presentation
Jadar lithium deposit discovery and developmentAndrew Waltho
Modelling IP effects in airborne time domain electromagnetics Mike McMillanView Abstract Cooperative inversion: A review Brett HarrisView Abstract Palaeomagnetic test of oroclinal rotation in the Dundas Trough, Tasmania Robert MusgraveView Abstract Tracking the Diprotodon - microtremor passive seismic profiling as a tool for location of megafauna bone beds Michael AstenView Abstract
1105-1130 Predicting and detecting carbonate cemented zones within Latrobe Group reservoirs of the Gippsland Basin Mark BunchView Abstract A thorough synthetic study on IP effects in AEM data from different systems Andrea ViezzoliView Abstract Application of geologically condiioned petrophyical constraints in joint inversion: A case study Jeremie GiraudView Abstract Mapping metasomatised mantle by integrating magnetotelluric, passive seismic and geochemical datasets – SE Australia Karol CzarnotaView Abstract An integrated analysis of geophysical data for landslide risk assessment Koya SutoView Abstract
1130-1155 Discovery through the ages – a journey of coal resource discovery in Queenslands Bowen Basin from the 1960’s and the 2000’s Darren WalkerView Abstract Mapping northern Australia’s present day stress field: The Canning Basin Adam BaileyView Abstract Impact of sequence stratigraphy on static and dynamic reservoir models: Examples from the Precipice–Evergreen succession, Surat Basin, Queensland Andrew La CroixView Abstract Lithogeochemistry of pegmatites at Broken Hill: An exploration vector to mineralisation Glenn CoianizView Abstract Keynote Presentation
Airborne EM and IP below 10 Hz Jim MacnaeView Abstract
Constraining an inversion to follow curving trends in an image Andrew KingView Abstract Geoscience Australia’s contribution to AusArray – Passive seismic imaging of Australia Alexei GorbatovView Abstract The application of VSP in the Pilbara Ashley GrantView Abstract
1155-1220 The use of FWI in coal exploration Mehdi AsgharzadehView Abstract Regional Jurassic sediment depositional architecture, Browse Basin: Implications for petroleum systems Nadege RolletView Abstract Organic geochemistry and petroleum potential of Permian outcrop and core samples from the southern Sydney Basin Simon GeorgeView Abstract Ore and gangue minerals of the Hera Au-Pb-Zn-Ag deposit, Cobar Basin, NSW Angela LayView Abstract Exploring inversion solution space: A case study over a Cu-Ag deposit in the Kalahari copper belt Robert EllisView Abstract Coordinating and delivering a 1.8 million line kilometre magnetic and radiometric survey – a state government perspective Laszlo KatonaView Abstract Application of the passive seismic Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR) technique for embankment integrity monitoring Regis NeroniView Abstract
1220-1320 Lunch (Exhibition | The Gallery)
1320-1345 Poster Session (Pyrmont Theatre Foyer)
1345-1500 Session 2
  Energy 1 Energy 2 Mineral Geoscience 2 Mineral Geoscience 3 Near Surface and Grounwater Mineral Geoscience 1 Energy 3 Mineral 4 /Near Surface and Grounwater2
  A B C D E F G H
  Coal West Australian Basins Symposium East Australian Basins Symposium Geology Case History EM & Deep Radar Exploration Regional Tectonic Geotechnical and Environmental
Room E3.10 C2.2 / C2.3 C2.1 Pyrmont Theatre C2.5 / C2.6 E3.2 C2.4 E3.1
Capacity 1000 120 285 105 200 115 115 95
  Chair: Kevin Ruming Chair: Tom Bernecker Chair: Barry Smith Chair: Doug Menzies Chair: Keith Leslie Chair: Regis Neroni Chair: Robert Musgrave Chair: Andrew Spyrou
1345-1410 Seismic diffraction imaging for improved coal structure detection in complex geological environments Binzhong ZhouView Abstract Evolution of “Tres Hombres” - a large mid-crustal dome structure within the northern Beagle Sub-basin Western Australia: An integrated geophysical investigation Gerry O'HalloranView Abstract Targeting core sampling with machine learning: Case study from the Springbok Sandstone, Surat Basin Oliver GaedeView Abstract Keynote Presentation
A Technology-Enabled Revolution in Mineral Exploration: ‘Prospecting Drilling’Richard Hillis
View Abstract
2.5D vs 1D AEM forward and inversion methods at a survey scale: A case study Desmond FitzgeraldView Abstract Loupe - a portable EM profilling systemAndrew DuncanView Abstract Evolving 3D lithospheric resistivity models across southern Australia derived from AusLAMP MT Kate RobertsonView Abstract How to build your own simple, low-cost, seismic system Tim DeanView Abstract
1410-1435 Integration of downhole geophysical and lithological data from coal exploration drillholes Brett LarkinView Abstract Controls on Mesozoic rift-related uplift and syn-extensional sedimentation in the Exmouth Plateau Hayley Rohead-O'BrienView Abstract The influence of reverse-reactivated normal faults on porosity and permeability in sandstones: a case study at Castle Cove, Otway Basin Natalie DebenhamView Abstract Otze – airborne EM inversion on unstructured model grids Carsten SchollView Abstract Understanding geology and structure: An essential part of mineral resource estimation Bert De WaeleView Abstract Imprints of tectonic processes imaged with magnetotellurics and seismic reflection Tom WiseView Abstract Feasibility study of near-surface dispersion imaging using passive seismic data M. Javad KhoshnavazView Abstract
1435-1500 Quantifying gas content in coals using borehole magnetic resonance Tim HopperView Abstract Shelf-margin architecture and shoreline processes at the shelf-edge: Controls on sediment partitioning and prediction of deep-water deposition styleVictorien PaumardView Abstract High frequency refraction/ reflection full-waveform inversion case study from North West Shelf offshore AustraliaXiang LiView Abstract Pathfinder exploration techniques targeting porphyry and epithermal alteration systems in the Temora copper-gold belt Bruce HooperView Abstract Expectations and reality for deep ground penetrating radar performance Jan FranckeView Abstract Building 3d model of rock quality designation assisted by co-operative inversion of seismic and borehole data Duy Thong KieuView Abstract Identifying lithospheric boundaries and their importance for mineral discovery Stephan ThielView Abstract Refraction Microtremor method for delineation of layers and lenses, and assessing liquefaction potential within an alluvial setting – Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea Aaron TomkinsView Abstract
1500-1530 Afternoon tea (Exhibition | The Gallery)
1530-1710 Session 3
  Coal West Australian Basins Symposium East Australian Basins Symposium Geology Case History Airborne Gravity Electrical Methods Regional Mapping Methods Groundwater
  A B C D E F G H
  Coal West Australian Basins Symposium East Australian Basins Symposium Geology Case History Airborne Gravity Electrical Methods Regional Gawler Isa Halls Creek Groundwater
Room E3.10 C2.2 / C2.3 C2.1 Pyrmont Theatre C2.5 / C2.6 E3.2 C2.4 E3.1
Capacity 1000 120 285 105 200 115 115 95
  Chair: Kevin Ruming Chair: Tom Bernecker Chair: Barry Smith Chair: Glenn Coianiz Chair: Clive Foss Chair: Jim Macnae Chair: Jim Austin Chair: Aaron Tomkins
1530-1555 Cooper Basin deep coal – the new unconventional paradigm: Deepest producing coals in Australia Bronwyn CamacView Abstract Influence of Permian and Carboniferous extensional history on the northern Carnarvon basin and its influence on Mesozoic extension Sam McHargView Abstract Petroleum plays of the Bowen and Surat basins Alison TroupView Abstract Cargo Porphyry Cu-Au deposit – where is the high grade core? David TimmsView Abstract Validating the Gedex HD-AGG™ airborne gravity gradiometer David HatchView Abstract Laboratory confirmation of non-linear electrical effects in mineralised rocks Alan OertelView Abstract A hidden Palaeoproterozoic ocean-continent transition in the northern Gawler Craton Tom WiseView Abstract Using microgravity to characterise water storage and usage at Kings Park, Perth, WA Alan AitkenView Abstract
1555-1620 Predicting structural permeability in the deep coal play, Tirrawarra-Gooranie fields, Cooper Basin Cameron BowkerView Abstract Interpretation of a Permian conjugate basin margin preserved on the outer northwest shelf of Australia Christopher PaschkeView Abstract Borehole gravity in horizontal wells Andrew BlackView Abstract Implicit modelling of the Las Bambas deposits, Peru Anthony ReedView Abstract Airborne gravimetry takes off in the Western Australia ‘Generation 2’ reconnaissance gravity mapping project David HowardView Abstract Field trials of the Biassed Heterodyne method of exploration for sulphide minerals Steve CollinsView Abstract Thermochronological history of the northern Olympic Domain of the Gawler Craton; correlations between cooling ages and mineralising systems James HallView Abstract Microgravity surveys on the Nullarbor Philip HeathView Abstract
1620-1645 Towards understanding phosphorus distribution in coal: A case study from the Bowen Basin Brooke DavisView Abstract New insights into early Triassic rifting in the NW shelf help explain regional structural styles and associated deposition model Malcolm MacNeillView Abstract The stratigraphic significance of paralic deposits in the Precipice– Evergreen succession, Surat Basin, QueenslandAndrew La CroixView Abstract What is down plunge of the Dobroyde Hill high-sulphidation epithermal deposit, near Junee, NSW? Glen DiemarView Abstract Gravity gradiometer design comparison by three different methods James BrewsterView Abstract Getting a better control of IP acquisitions with GDD’s new IP post-processing software Circe Malo-LalandeView Abstract Tectonic framework of the southern Mount Isa Province Janelle SimpsonView Abstract Uncertanty analysis of faulting and folding on near surface aquifers Titus MurrayView Abstract
1645-1710 Evidence for glacial and polar impacts in the Permian coal measures of the Sydney basin Malcolm BockingView Abstract Modelling reservoir deliverability within the northern Beagle Sub-basin, Western Australia Christopher HurrenView Abstract Next generation reservoir engineering Klaus Regenauer-liebView Abstract   An overview of tensors, gradient and invariant products in imaging and qualitative interpretation Matthew ZengererView Abstract The effective use of forward modelling and petrophysical analyses in the application of induced polarisation surveys to explore for disseminated sulphide systems in the Paterson province, Western Australia Nikhil PrakashView Abstract Magma evolution in the Halls Creek Orogen; insight from geodynamic numerical modelling and geochemical analysis Fariba KohanpourView Abstract  
1710-1840 Happy Hour Drinks ( Exhibition | The Gallery)
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