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Tuesday 20 February

0700 From Faxes to FaceTime: Building Intergenerational Relationships through Networking and Mentoring C3.4 @ ICC Sydney
0830-1010 Session 4
  Energy Stream 1 Energy Stream 2 Energy Stream 3 Mineral Geoscience 1 Mineral Geoscience 2 Mineral Geoscience 3 Mineral Geoscience 4 Near Surface and Groundwater
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  PNG and NZ West Australian Basins Symposium Non Conventional Geophysics Technology Strategic and Industrial Magnetotellurics Regional Mapping Groundwater Case Studies
Room C2.1 C2.2 / C2.3 E3.10 E3.2 C2.4 Pyrmont Theatre C2.5 / C2.6 E3.1
Capacity 1000 120 285 105 200 115 115 95
  Chair: Scott Keenan Chair: Marita Bradshaw Chair: Malcolm Bocking Chair: Alan Oertel Chair: Steve Collins Chair: Kim Frankcombe Chair: Ian Roach Chair: Dr David Allen
0830-0855 Keynote Presentation
Innovative exploration in Papua New Guinea; past, present and futureKevin HillView Abstract
Onshore inventory – targeting new basins (Officer, Perth, Canning Basins) Lidena CarrView Abstract Integrated Seismic (IS) for shale gas exploration and management Shastri NimmagaddaView Abstract Mathematical properties and physical meaning of the gravity gradient tensor eigenvalues Carlos CevallosView Abstract Keynote Presentation
Strategic & industrial minerals leading the next production revolution Richard FlookView Abstract
Particularities of 5-component magnetotelluric soundings application for mineral exploration Igor IngerovView Abstract Keynote Presentation
National mineral exploration strategy: A vision for unlocking Australia's hidden mineral wealthRichard BlewettView Abstract

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Characterizing the Spiritwood Valley Aquifer, North Dakota, using helicopter time-domain EM Jean LegaultView Abstract
0855-0920 Linear trends of paleo-pockmarks and fluid flow pipes in the Jurassic and Triassic sediments of offshore northwest AustraliaTayallen VelayathamView Abstract Using multiazimuth seismic data for anisotropy estimation in an unconventional reservoir Surabhi MishraView Abstract Application of frequency domain induction EM soundings with controlled source (FDEMS method) for precise tracing of boundaries in geoelectrical sections Igor IngerovView Abstract Sferic signals for lightning sourced electromagnetic surveys Lachlan HennessyView Abstract Reinterpretation of wireline log data in the eastern Galilee Basin, Queensland: stratigraphic and hydrogeologic implications James HansenView Abstract
0920-0945 4D characterisation of PNG's Petroleum SystemsJohn WarburtonView Abstract The effect of flexural isostasy on delta architecture: Implications for the Mungaroo Formation Sara Morón-polancoView Abstract A new computational model to predict breakdown pressures in cased and perforated wells in unconventional reservoirs Muhammed Asad PirzadaView Abstract Application of passive seismic in determining overburden thickness: North West Zambia Nikhil PrakashView Abstract The Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Deposit - Geological overview and evolution of discovery John HolmesView Abstract Keynote Presentation
What is new in magnetotellurics? Graham HeinsonView Abstract
An integrated approach to mapping crustal geology and structures in the NE Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia: Implications for uranium exploration Ashley Laurence UrenView Abstract Keynote Presentation
Groundwater in Mining - problems and solutionsKatarina DavidView Abstract
0945-1010 Structural and reservoir development of the western Papuan Basin gas and condensate fields Michelle SpoonerView Abstract Mesozoic to Cenozoic depositional environments & fluid migration within the Caswell Sub-basin: Key insights from new interpretation & modelling of the Schild phase 2 3D Jarrad GrahameView Abstract An optimised hydraulic fracturing treatment on challenging Rizq Field Muhammad Asad PirzadaView Abstract Scintillators for PGNAA in mineral exploration Anton KepicView Abstract Evaluating Rare Earth DepositsPhil HellmanView Abstract Archean controls on basin development and mineralisation in the southern Capricorn Orogen Sandra OcchipintiView Abstract
1010-1040 Morning tea (Exhibition | The Gallery) Sponsored by
1040-1220 Session 5
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  PNG and NZ West Australian Basins Symposium Non Conventional General Geology Strategic and Industrial EM Inversion Modelling Regional Mapping & Thomson Orogen Groundwater Case Studies
Room C2.1 C2.2 / C2.3 E3.10 Pyrmont Theatre C2.4 E3.2 C2.5 / C2.6 E3.1
Capacity 1000 120 285 105 200 115 115 95
  Chair: Scott Keenan Chair: Marita Bradshaw Chair: Malcolm Bocking Chair: Bruce Hooper Chair: Richard Flook Chair: Dave Annetts Chair: Dave Robson Chair: Trent Bowman
1040-1105 Plio-pleistocene river drainage evolution in New Guinea Gilles BrocardView Abstract Canning Basin – petroleum systems analysis Andrew MurrayView Abstract New method for monitoring steam injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and for finding sources of geothermal heat Gordon StoveView Abstract Keynote Presentation
Geophysical detection of the hydrothermal alteration footprints of ore deposits John McGaugheyView Abstract
Industrial minerals - evaluation and profitability David TurveyView Abstract Trans-dimensional Monte Carlo inversion of short period magnetotelluric data for cover thickness estimation Wenping JiangView Abstract AusAEM; acquisition of AEM at an unprecedented scale Alan Ley-CooperView Abstract Rate of success for a groundwater drilling program planned from AEM, Gascoyne River, WA Aaron DavisView Abstract
1105-1130 Geophysical and geological characterisation of dredge locations from RV Southern Surveyor voyage ss2012_v06 (ECOSATI): Hotspot activity in northern Zealandia Maria SetonView Abstract The Ungani oil field, Canning Basin - evaluation of a dolomite reservoir David LongView Abstract A new system for efficiently acquiring vertical seismic profile surveys Tim DeanView Abstract Mineral deposits in the Ontario Cobalt Belt Ian PringleView Abstract Comparative analysis and joint inversion of MT and ZTEM Data Wolfgang SoyerView Abstract Application of AEM for cover thickness mapping in the southern Thomson OrogenIan RoachView Abstract Geophysical investigation to support characterisation of structurally controlled groundwater flow into an open pit mine Michael CarrollView Abstract
1130-1155 Compressional evolution of the PNG margin from an orogenic transect from Juha to the Sepik Kevin HillView Abstract Depositional, diagenetic and mineralogical controls on porosity development in the Ungani Field, Canning Basin June ThenView Abstract What we know, what we don’t know, and things we do not know we don't know about hydraulic fracturing in high stress environments Raymond JohnsonView Abstract Creating a new frontier in detection and data integration for exploration through cover Robert HoughView Abstract The Sinclair Zone Caesium Deposit, Pioneer Dome, W.A.David CrookView Abstract 1, 2.5 and/or 3D inversion of airborne EM data - options in the search for sediment-hosted base metal mineralisation in the Mcarthur Basin, Northern Territory Timothy MundayView Abstract Estimating cover thickness in the southern Thomson Orogen – a comparison of applied geophysics estimates with borehole results James GoodwinView Abstract Uncovering the Musgrave Province in South Australia using airborne EM Camilla SoerensenView Abstract
1155-1220 Tectonic and geodynamic evolution of the northern Australian margin and New Guinea Joanna TobinView Abstract Laurel gas play, Canning Basin - recent stratigraphic learnings Simon SturrockView Abstract The role of diagnostic fracture injection testing to improve reservoir evaluation and stress characterisation in compressive stress regimes Raymond JohnsonView Abstract Episodic mineralising fluid injection through chemical shear zones Thomas PouletView Abstract   Spatially and conductivity log constrained AEM inversion A. Yusen Ley-CooperView Abstract Increasing prospectivity in a covered terrain – the southern Thomson Orogen, northwestern NSW Rosemary HegartyView Abstract A multidisciplinary study of groundwater conditions in sedimentary strata at Thirlmere Lakes (NSW) Katarina DavidView Abstract
1220-1320 Lunch (Exhibition | The Gallery)
1320-1345 Poster Session (Pyrmont Theatre Foyer)
Room Meeting Room C2.5 – C2.6 Meeting Room C2.2 – C2.3 Pyrmont Theatre  
  PESA Plenary
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AIG Plenary
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ASEG Plenary
  Session 6
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  PNG and NZ International Non Conventional Geochemistry Industrial - Sands EM Inversion Modelling Regional Cobar Innovation
Room C2.1 C2.2 / C2.3 E3.10 Pyrmont Theatre C2.4 E3.2 C2.5 / C2.6 E3.1
Capacity 1000 120 285 105 200 115 115 95
  Chair: Kevin Hill Chair: Mark Taylor Chair: Bruce McKay Chair: David Cohen Chair: David Turvey Chair: Mike Asten Chair: Ian Neuss Chair: Simon Williams
1410-1435 A method for assessing earth model uncertainty in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand Edward LewisView Abstract On the geothermal potential of the Heyuan Fault, South ChinaLisa TannockView Abstract The use of coring-induced petal fractures in coal to supplement and ground truth the interpretation of image logs David TitheridgeView Abstract Keynote Presentation
21st century exploration geochemistry – the good, the bad and the ugly Ryan NobleView Abstract
Frac sand supply & demand Australia Murray LinesView Abstract Large scale 3D airborne electromagnetic inversion – Recent technical Improvements Mike McMillanView Abstract Metamorphism and skarn mineralisation in the Cobar Basin: Implications for exploration Joel FitzherbertView Abstract Source Assisted Marine Refraction Microtremor (ReMi) for marine material strength assessments – New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea Trent BowmanView Abstract
1435-1500 Modelling and visualizing distributed lithospheric deformation of Australia and Zealandia using GPlates2.0 Dietmar MüllerView Abstract The discovery and development of oil rim fields in the Beibu Gulf, China Andrew FernieView Abstract Automatic fracture identification using x-ray images Ankita SinghView Abstract High-grade silica sands in the Eastern Murray Basin NSW Graham LeeView Abstract 3D time-domain airborne EM inversion with finite-volume method Xiuyan RenView Abstract Cobar Deposits – structural control Vladimir DavidView Abstract Bootstrapping reliable noise measure in time-gated nuclear magnetic resonance data Brian McPhersonView Abstract
1500-1530 Afternoon tea (Exhibition | The Gallery)
1530-1710 Session 7
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  PNG and NZ International Non Conventional Geochemistry Brine Deposits New Airborne EM Techniques Regional Mapping Methods Innovation
Room C2.1 C2.2 / C2.3 E3.10 Pyrmont Theatre C2.4 E3.2 C2.5 / C2.6 E3.1
Capacity 1000 120 285 105 200 115 115 95
  Chair: Kevin Hill Chair: Mark Taylor Chair: Bruce McKay Chair: Neil Rutherford Chair: Murray Lines Chair: Tim Munday Chair: Vladimir David Chair: Andrew Spyrou
1530-1555 Investigation of possible shallow gas accumulations associated with pockmarks on the Otago slope southeast of New Zealand Jasper HoffmannView Abstract Shelf-margin architecture and shoreline processes at the shelf-edge: Controls on sediment partitioning and prediction of deep-water deposition styleVictorien PaumardView Abstract Fraccing onshore Australia Maxwell WilliamsonView Abstract A new blasthole xrf probe for mining grade control Phil HawkeView Abstract Lithium: fundamental supply/demand, the lithium brines of South America and exploration/development methodologies Steve PromnitzView Abstract Characterising the subsurface architecture and stratigraphy of the McArthur Group through integrated airborne EM and gravity inversion Teagan BlaikieView Abstract Low noise, multichannel surface NMR receiver system with wireless connections to receiver coils Jakob Juul LarsenView Abstract
1555-1620 Characterisation of focused gas hydrate accumulations from the Pegasus Basin, New Zealand, using high-resolution and conventional seismic data Andrew GormanView Abstract Sedimentary characteristics and lithological trap identification of distant braided river delta deposits: A case study on the Upper Cretaceous Yogou Formation of Termit Basin, Niger Zhao NingView Abstract Impact of artificially matured organic matter on the dielectric and elastic properties of compacted shales Matthieu CauchefertView Abstract Cassiterite and rutile as indicator minerals for exploring the VMS system Walid SalamaView Abstract Evaluating brine deposits using borehole magnetic resonance Tom NevilleView Abstract Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) – Ground-based and HeliSAM FLEM trials at the Forrestania EM test range Malcolm CattachView Abstract Self organising maps - a case study of Broken Hill Tasman Gillfeather-ClarkView Abstract ECloud – Magnetotelluric Webapp Andrew PethickView Abstract
1620-1645 Comparing shale gouge ratio and juxtaposition analysis using stochastic trap analysis: Examples from Gippsland, Taranaki, Otway and Southern North Sea Basins Titus MurrayView Abstract Airborne gravity gradiometer survey over the Pelarang Anticline onshore Kutai Basin Indonesia Asbjorn Norlund ChristensenView Abstract The stratigraphic architecture, distribution and hydrocarbon potential of the organic rich Kyalla and Velkerri shales of the Upper Roper Group (McArthur Basin) Mattilda SheridanView Abstract Can geophysics and geochemistry combine to detect mineralisation under transported cover? David CohenView Abstract CGG’S new Helitem-C AEM systems Adam SmiarowskiView Abstract The utility of machine learning in identification of key geophysical and geochemical datasets: a case study in lithological mapping in the Central African Copper Belt Stephen KuhnView Abstract Groundwater assessment in a coal measures sequence using borehole magnetic resonance Benjamin BirtView Abstract
1645-1710 New Regional Data and Advances in Understanding of the Stratigraphy, Tectonics, Structure and Prospectivity of the Gulf of Papua (Papua New Guinea) Dariusz JablonskiView Abstract The effect of deep burial and folding on sandstone reservoirs in Giant Gas Fields, South America Gregory SmithView Abstract Geomechanical prestack depth migration of the Kraken 3D (Browse Basin, Australia) Jarrod DunneView Abstract Field analysis of low ppb gold using pXRF and new detectORE technology Melvyn LinternView Abstract   Passive EM processing of megatem and helitem data Daniel SattelView Abstract Terrain correction correction Tasmania – results and implications Mark DuffettView Abstract Geologically-constrained interpretation of airborne electromagnetic data for definition of prospective groundwater resources, Albany Hinterland, Western Australia James ReidView Abstract
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