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Workshop Program at a Glance

Workshop Name Room
Saturday 17 February 1. Epithermal Au-Ag and Porphyry Cu-Au Exploration (3 days) E3.1
4. Vectoring to Mineralisation: Exploration Geochemistry Workshop | UNSW
2. Using Geology and Geophysical Data to Interpret Models For Mineral Exploration
Sunday 18 February 1. Epithermal Au-Ag and Porphyry Cu-Au Exploration (3 days) E3.1
8. Practical geological interpretation of potential field data sets and the importance of basement E3.2
10. Structural Interpretation in Exploration Geology, Extension, Compression and Salt E3.3
6. Mining Petrophysics E3.10
Find your voice – Present with Confidence (ASEG workshop) Adina Apartment Hotel Spinnaker B Room
Thursday 21 February   11. AI/Machine Learning; Opportunities and Challenges for Minerals Exploration E3.1
12.   Multi-Modal Hyperspectral Core Logging for Exploration E3.2

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